We carry a full line of Sony CCTV Security Products!

Due to the events on 9/11, a high function security division was established. Access Control Systems was formed in September 2001. We are a systems aggregator for twenty-one manufacturers of high function security equipment and systems. The key to success is the ability to integrate many systems into a single security system to meet the varying needs of our customers. From the simple solution of an ID badge to the complete control of a facility, which includes secure entry and exit control, weapons detection, asset tracking, employee accounting, and surveillance and monitoring all reporting to a control center on-premise or at a remote location. From the high technology software to the nuts and bolts, we know what you will need and how to put it all together into an integrated operational system.

The ability to have all these systems integrated by a single company responsible for handling the layout, coordination, scheduling, installation, optimization, training, and support. Give us a call at 504-468-8558 or 1-800-435-2635, or fill in the Contact Us form.