Sears - We're The Deep Clean Experts!
The Sears Ultra Care® system sets Sears Carpet & Upholstery Care apart from every other major carpet cleaner. Our trademark Sears Ultra Care® system uses a specially developed two-step process to get carpets deep-down clean. First, it loosens dirt with pressurized hot water and advanced cleaning agents. Then the cleaning solution and soil is removed with a clean, pH-balanced rinse and powerful vacuuming. Many carpet cleaners use a less effective, single-step cleaning process.

When you call Sears, your carpets and upholstered furniture are cared for by trained, experienced individuals using well-maintained vehicles and equipment designed to our own unique specifications.

And at the base of it all is the customer. In fact, both the first and last steps in the Sears Ultra Care® process are inspections - a pre-inspection to identify and alert you to potential problem areas and a post-inspection to assure that you're 100% satisfied with our service.

Odor and Spot Removal
Our years of experience and continuous updating permit us to utilize the latest techniques to analyze odor and spot problems, and to select the safest most effective removal procedure. Naturally, those stains that have permanently affected the fabric cannot be removed.

Our highly skilled and courteous technicians treat your valuable furniture carefully - as if they owned them.

You can feel secure with our Uniformed, Trained and Insured staff on your premises.

There are never any hidden costs with us.

The Importance of Carpet Protectors
Fabric and carpet protectors are outstanding products, highly recommended by Sears Carpet & Upholstery Care. Most modern carpets and many upholstered furniture pieces are treated with protectors when they're manufactured, but it wears off over time and must be reapplied to maintain its level of performance.

Don't confuse fabric and carpet protector with stain-resistant treatments applied by the manufacturer. The stain treatment usually comes with a five-year warranty and guards against stains from common household food and beverage items.

Carpet and fabric protectants do not have a warranty. Their advantage is in allowing you more time to blot up a spill before it can stain. But protectors offers an even more important benefit; it allows you to vacuum more abrasive dirt out of your carpet. Dirt is your carpet's worst enemy and, as the protector wears off, you're able to vacuum out less and less of the dirt. As this abrasive dirt accumulates in your carpet, the formation of traffic patterns accelerates and your carpet looks old before its time.


Area Rug Cleaning
From Karistans to Dhurries, from Handmade Orientals to Store bought imitations. Let SEARS handle all your area rug cleaning. Trust the experts. Call SEARS today!

Special Services
In some areas Sears offers other floor care services; such as tile and grout cleaning, water extraction services or carpet repair. Ask for information about services available in your area.

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