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Spotting Kit
Pro Spotter
is a powerful ready to use all-purpose professional spotter for carpet and fabrics. Water-based formula for safety and ease of use. Can be used on synthetic and natural carpets, as well as on water-cleanable upholstery and fine fabrics. Removes a wide variety of common spots and spills. Gentle yet effective.

ULTRACARE Fresh Scent Plus
Enzyme-activated deodorizer attacks organic residues that cause odors. Powerful deodorizer deals with odors at the source. Deodorizes organic odors on carpet, upholstery and porous surfaces. Can be used for general deodorizatio


Grandi Groom
A standard for every carpet professional. The Grandi-Groom® is the big brother of the Perky® Groomer. Perfect for multi-level carpet pile and covers a larger area in a short period of time. The Grandi-Two® is 36" of grooming power. Does twice the work with half the energy. A must for open areas.

18" Grandi Groom
The professionals choice in grooming tools. Used during the preconditioning and finishing phases of carpet cleaning.

Grandi Brush
This brush means business with a single row of nylon fibers specially designed to make it perfect for Oriental rugs, Persians and velvets, as well as commercial grades such as Berbers.

Grandi Combo
Two types of grooming heads attached to one handle. This unique tool features our Grandi Groom® Head and Grandi Brush® head for the best in combination cleaning.


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