Why Lease?

More than 80% of U.S. Businesses lease some or all of their technology/equipment. These businesses recognize a wide array of benefits through financing including the following:

Leasing Allows You To:

Conserve Capital
Leasing allows you to reserve cash for growth, opportunities or emergencies. Keep your working capital in the bank or use it elsewhere to grow your business.

Work Within a Budget
Even the largest corporations must work within a budget. Leasing gives you the ability to acquire the technology or equipment needed to get the job done and still work within cash flow and budgetary constraints.

Take Advantage of Tax Benefits
Monthly payments on leased equipment or technology are often 100% TAX deductible as a pre-tax business expense. Cash Purchases must be made with pre-tax dollars. (Consult your accountant for tax specifics).

Avoid Obsolete Technology/Equipment
When you lease technology or equipment you avoid the risk of being stuck with obsolete technology since you may upgrade or add-on equipment as you see fit.

Avoid Ownership Risks
The value of technology or equipment is in its use...not in its ownership. Financing places all the risk of ownership with the Lessor allowing you to upgrade or add new equipment as the need arises.


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