Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Leasing Process Take?
Leasing with is very fast. Requests for up to $75,000 can be approved in a couple of hours from a one page credit application. Documents are overnighted or e-mailed to you after we approve your credit, and a purchase order is immediately faxed to your vendor after signed documents have been received by us.

What Kinds of Equipment Can be Leased?
Most types. will finance most anything. This can include furniture, software, and other soft costs associated with equipment purchases. See list below.

Does the Equipment Have to be New?
No. We will finance many types of used equipment upon approval.

What is the Buy Out?
You have a variety of options available to you. These include FMV. $1 Buy Out, and Fixed Purchase Options.

What is the Rate?
Rates are determined based on credit history, equipment cost, and term structure. For an immediate quote complete our Instant Quote request form.

Are Lease Payments a Tax Write Off?
Typically, the IRS will allow you to write off 100% of your lease payment on a true or FMV lease. Consult your accountant for specific application to your business.

Are Lease Rates Variable?
No. Lease rates and terms are fixed.

How Long Do I Have to be in Business?
Most programs require a minimum of 2 years in business. However, if your transaction is below $30,000 or you have an exceptionally strong financial statement, exceptions can be made.

How is a Lease Different From a Loan?
A lease is an agreement to make payments for a specific amount of time for the right to use the equipment owned by the lease company.

What is Required to Qualify for a Lease?
A simple, one page application is usually all that is needed. Financial information will be required for leases over $75,000.00.

How Much of an Initial Investment is Required?
Usually, one or two monthly payments are required upon signing our agreement. Other arrangements can be made for qualified customers.

What is the Minimum Equipment Value That can be Leased?
The minimum is $1,000.

Can Service Fees be Added?
Yes. Installation and service fees can be included in the lease as well as the maintenance contract.

What About Adding Software?
Yes. Software and other soft costs can be added to the lease. Software-only leases are available at special rates.

Are All Leases the Same?
No. There are three lease purchase options available to choose from: $1.00, Fixed Purchase Option, and Fair Market Value (FMV).


Equipment Financed will finance all types of business equipment including, but not limited to, the following items:

• Computers
• Computer Software
• Web-Sites
• Copiers
• Digital Copiers
• Dictation/Word Processing
• Duplicators
• Faxes
• Mailing Equipment
• Office Furniture
• Stenographic Equipment
• Water Coolers
• Restaurant Equipment
• Security Equipment
• Industrial Equipment
• Medical/Dental Equipment
• Automotive Equipment
• Laundry Equipment
• Communications & Audio/Video Equipment
• Scientific/Environmental Equipment is a trademark of:
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