For three hundred years Biloxi, Mississippi has been a community of unique character and inimitable charm. Its soothing tranquility, natural beauty, Southern grace and hospitality have fulfilled the promise of being "the best kept secret of the South".

Biloxi is the second largest city in Mississippi and one of the oldest settlements in the United States. The rich history of this colorful community had its humble beginning in 1699 when Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville claimed it for the King of France. It was named the Biloxi Bay Colony, after one of the indigenous peoples who had lived in the region for several thousand years, (the Bilocchy).

Biloxi's close proximity to New Orleans and ease of water access made it a favorite summer resort for travelers during the Antebellum age. Throughout the ages, people have recognized the great natural beauty and serenity of this area and have flocked to its shores.

Perhaps the most enduring symbol of Biloxi is the Biloxi Lighthouse. This was the "Deep South's" first cast iron lighthouse and was erected in 1848. Another of the city's symbols is the Biloxi Schooner. The schooners were built in Biloxi and were nearly singlehandedly responsible for carrying the town to prominence as the "Seafood Capitol of the World" in the 1890's. During that period the Mississippi Sound was filled with schooners racing to bring in their catches of shrimp and oysters. The seafood industry prompted the modernization of Biloxi.